Moving House in Edinburgh

Make a plan

It's a pretty obvious thing but most people will never take it seriously.

Moving house is not just moving a single item from one place to another. It's amazing how planning can make life easier when done on time to reduce stress and unnecessarily expenses during your move.

Confirm the move date
To start with, you'll need to get your moving date officially confirmed by your conveyancers and the house sellers. If you're renting the place, you may be able to spread moving out and moving in across several days. This way, you can get into your new home and get any work done, like cleaning carpets and painting, without the stress of moving in at the same time.

Give reasonable notice to your landlord (if you're renting).
If you're renting, you'll need to let your landlord know the exact date you're planning to move out. Hopefully, this will match with the end of your lease, as this avoids paying for both rent and your mortgage at the same time.

Contact utility suppliers

Phone and broadband

You might want to speak to your Broadband provider and ask them if it's possible to schedule broadband activation at your new address in advance. However, if you missed this point for whatever reason just a small hint, you can use your smartphone as a router (hotpoint) at a new home waiting for the broadband to go live. It's a standard feature on all smartphones, just make sure your data is unlimited or not to go over the limit if you do not want to get a huge bill. Moving house can be less stressful when having access to the web :) 

Gas and electricity

Make sure you take a picture of last meter reading to be able to prove to your utility companies your last usage point when leaving current property and the same procedure to be done for a new property to secure yourself from irrelevant bills and charges.
Also, update them about moving to a new address to make sure all correspondence is coming to the correct site.

Have a big clear out before you move
This is the perfect time to go through your old things and decide what is and isn't worth keeping. Before you start boxing everything up, go through your old clothes, electronics and furniture. Decide what's actually worth keeping and what can be dropped off at the local charity shop.

It'll save you a lot of time, effort and backache if you cut down on the number of things you need to move to your new home.

Sources to find removal companies

Use references from your friend, Facebook recommendations, Gumtree local ads or search with Google to find a man with van service that suits your needs. For example, type in - Man With Van Edinburgh - into the google search console and check the results.

Research for a preferred removal company (service provider)

There are lots of removal companies on the market and it's vital to know how to examine them. When looking for a removal service we would suggest checking a few main factors especially when you looking for a large move like moving house Edinburgh. Competitive Price (get 3 to 4 quotes from different removers), Legal Status (ask for receipt or invoice and if they are doing it full-time), How many years on the market, Specific equipment they hold (e.g. removal blankets, straps, trolleys and so on) and how do they deal with any incident/damages occur during the move (if they can confirm they hold damage valuation procedure for this that should be enough). House removals (Edinburgh or any other city) is a complicated move and this won't guarantee you that you will not get any trouble however this will give you extra peace of mind that you did some essentials to secure yourself against local cowboys where you can get way more troubles during the move.

Also, provide a full list of items to the removal company or even ask them to attend your apartments to evaluate the volume of items to be moved and premises specific. This could help you a lot with getting the appropriate quote for a large capacity of items to be moved. Moving house is an expensive service and taking extra care can save you money and time.

Get quotes on your removal costs
When it comes to removals, it all depends on what is practical for your budget and the size of your property. 

If you're moving into a small property, or if the cost is a large factor, it will probably be cheaper to rent a van and get a few friends to help. However, that can easily add to the stress of moving day, so make sure it is right for you. 

No matter what service you pick, make absolutely sure you have got all your valuables and personal documents in a safe place,

Choosing a correct capacity van

Hourly rate: if your both locations in Edinburgh we would suggest getting a Transit Van with either long or extra long wheelbase option depending on your move capacity. About two runs between your addresses should be enough for a full house move of 2-3 bedrooms.

However, for longer distance removal you might consider a Luton/box van to make sure you do not need to do extra run and get extra charge because of that.
Fixed Price moves: the bigger the van the better as it means less time will be spent on travelling, however, of course, the cost price is the main factor as a usual preference of most customers.

Best day of the week for moving house

Just to be clear Fridays and Saturdays are most busy days for removal services so if you want to escape higher costs and make sure remover has plenty of time to finish your move we would recommend trying to stick for a move at the middle or beginning of the week if that is possible on our side. If not then just make a remover notified regarding the details of your move as much accurate as possible to make sure he will reserve enough time for your move to be held on the day. House removals could be as easy as complicated depending on preparations made and planning produced.

Preparations, Labeling And Essential Box

Make sure you pack as much as you can to avoid extra costs from the removal company. Another important point is to sign each box for its content in this case you won't spend hips of time at your new house trying to figure out where are your needed items. And at last, make an emergency box or a First Choice Box. Put all essential things you would require straight away in the new home. Usually, most people would keep there mobile charger, kettle with tea and cup, toilet paper, handwash and other preferred items.

Saving money on packing materials

Ask local supermarkets for free boxes. You will definitely need them for your house removals. Usually, they are more than happy to give some. Asda, Morrisons, Tesco, Aldi, Lidl, Sainsbury's would be your best bet. The bigger the store the better. Speak to the staff and see if they got any left for you. Just say you are moving house soon and looking for extra boxes and sure they will happy to give you a hand. Of course, free of charge.

Another alternative, go to eBay and buy some. Local stores would charge you a bit more for them but also an option for last-minute service. TravelStock is one of the representatives in this area.

Grab the essential for moving day
You'll need the essentials for the first night in your new place, so it’s best to make a box or two with the following things to hand:

*Kettle, mugs, tea, milk, coffee, sugar
*Cleaning products, plus vacuum cleaner and bin bags
*Phone and laptop chargers
*Loo roll, kitchen roll
*Duvet and bedding for the first night
*Make sure you keep all your important documents, like your passport and mortgage paperwork, where you can easily find them.


Make a list of where everything is in your new home
Most people wait until there's a gushing radiator before they work out how to switch the water off – make sure that doesn't happen to you.

Ask the sellers of your new property exactly where the following things are:

*Stopcock (valve for controlling the main water supply)
*Instructions for appliances
*Gas and electricity meters
*Fuse box

TIP: If you're selling, make a list of where all the important things are in your home, and leave it for the people moving in. They'll really appreciate you going the extra mile, and it may come in handy if you need to ask them for a favour (like posting those shoes you bought online and sent to the wrong address).

Pay for bills, let friends and family know you have moved
Balance all the bills and council tax still owed on your current property.

Contact the following people to let them know you have changed your address:
*Your place of work, bank, insurance, pension, credit card companies
*The council, electoral roll
*TV Licensing

*Doctor and dentist
*National Insurance

TIP: Don't forget to delete your old address from all online retailers (such as Amazon). There's nothing worse than realising your package has been delivered to an old address.

Move into your new house
Once unloaded everything, proceed with a deep clean of the property before you start unpacking. Definitely the easiest time to scrub tiles and clean carpets.

Unpack room by room, starting with the kitchen
Check all the utilities are up and running
Make sure you got keys to every door, window and cupboard
Find out when your bins are collected​

Finally, take the rest of the night off – you've earned it!

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